Thursday, February 2, 2017

Macedonian Army

After finishing my medieaval army (or more correctly the units I still had), I decidet to start a new project, which is an Macedonian Army for Field of Glory. The miniatures are supplied by Xyston, and a friend of mine resculpted some heads, giving them more variety. Decals were supplied by Stephens Little Big Men, a supplier I can highly recommend.

Untill today, I had to borrough my miniatures when it came to play an army with a descend number of pikes in it. After finishing this project, these days will belong to the past. I hope you like these. If you have any ideas for another project or recommendations concerning this one, leave me a comment in the section below. Enjoy!


  1. THese shields and spears are really impressive, great job!

  2. There are about 4 more units of pikeman, 2 units of lancer cavalry, some generals and a unit of light horse about to come in the months ahead. So barely an exaggeration. ;)

  3. So it is destined to be an army some day. :)