Thursday, July 14, 2011

Canvas eagles ready for battle

I just finished the first two aircrafts for Canvas Eagles., A Fokker III and a Sopwith camel, both produced by Heroics and Ros . The battle my also arrived , as visible in the picture .
For the bases I used acrylic glass, cutted into hexes.

Canvas Eagles arrived

Yetserday my 6mm WW1 Aircraft models produced by Heroics and Ros arrived. It's not verry funny to glue them together, because the secondary glue glues everything , though the parts it should. I hope the poster bought at the drugstore withe the hex field on is already printed, so that the first air fights may start....

Macedonic Elephant WIP +1

Yesterday worked out this great Macedonic Elephant produced by outpost wargames. Only the Mahouts' spaer and the base are not finished yet, but its right on the way to be done .

Monday, July 4, 2011

Macedonic Pikes WIP+1

Today I was able to wash these Macedonic Pikesman produced by outpost wargames, so you can see the detail much better than on te pictures bevore. The gloss appeared because the wash had no time to dry when I took the picture. These 4 poses appear in the Mac2 Pack, which contains 8 miniatures.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

15mm Outpost Wargames Mac2 review

Yesterday my Macedonian DBA army II/15 arrived. On the pictures you can see two of the Mac2 pacs produced by outpost wargames. The miniatures are highly detailed casted, but their pikes are looking like trunks carried arround. You'll see further more pictures if they are washed, so you can see the detail much better.