Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sparta FoG Project finished

 You might now think: Oh my goodness, now he comes arround telling proud that he managed to finish his Sparta project after a so felt decade.
 But this is luckily not the case, as I finished them about a half year ago, palying them the first time in Ulm , claiming the fith place among 10 players.
So now this is a complete view on the Spartan Citizen which are the core of this army. The other troops are going to follow in the next few days, so that you'll get an impression what messing with Sparta means.
I hope you like them!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Casualties Markers for FoG

As you may see I finished some casualtie markers for Field of Glory some time ago to show the units morale in a more violent way. The miniatures are produced by museum miniatures and are placed on 5 and 2 Cent coins as Bases. (I think its the DD01 pack, but im not that sure) The blood on the ground was made with wood glue, leaving it dry and then painting it creates wonderfull blood pools...
I hope you like them. 


As it was quite silent around this Blog for a long time by now, here is a new Post anouncing my latest FoG project which are the Dacians found in the Companion "Legions Triumphant".
These 5 Bases are the first part of a unit unprotected superior undrilled heavy weapons which are to my mind the cheapest and best units you may find. Only the command base is still missing because I'm going to paint the warriors first and the commands, which would make the units complete to 6 bases, second. I hope you enjoy them as much as enjoyed painting them.