Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Field of Glory Ceasars Romans

After finishig my Sparta project I had to move up to my next  Field of Glory Army. About one year ago I bought a big bunch of Corvus Belli miniatures fitting the "Caesars Romans" theme which tuned out to be a good decision as Corvus Belli stopped producing their 15mm ranges some months ago.
Luckily I had already bought enough Legionaries and stuff to build that army containing a lot of heavy infantry.
Legionarys might be quite expansive but to my mind they are absolutley worth their points in Field of Glory as they are really tough bastards to fight against ;)

As I'm not yet sure how many bases one battlegroup shall be formed of, I deided to build first two legions of 4 bases both containing 3 legionaries and 1 command base and lateron painting one more base in the same colour sheme so I'm able to put them together as one Legion of 8 without having trouble with two command bases.

So have a look oo my first roman Legion and some light archers !

Monday, April 27, 2015

WW2 German Mortars WIP+1

Hey there! Today I continued my German SS Mortar Platoon by finishing the observer and the radio station. By now there is only the basing left for me to do before they will be ready for battle.
Too bad I'm not yet sure how to deal with the high stands the battlefront miniatures have...

Maybe there is going to be a step by step introduction on how I do the german camouflage later. If there are still people readig this Blog I#d be pleased if you tell me wether you'd like to see a tutorial like this or not.
But first: have a look at the observer and radio team und enjoy !

Thursday, April 16, 2015

15mm Flames of War Mortars

 After long time I'm back in block again with a brief insight to my latest project which is 15mm World War 2. As there is here in Berlin a bigger group of people playing Flames of War, I decided to participate in that gaming system as I already have some of the Battlefront Miniatures.
As these players started an Italy Campaign previously there was not any other way to me than participating what will provide me with much more motivation in painting miniatures.

So have a look yourselves at my recently painted Mortar Plattoon. Bases are still WIP, but never mind. I hope you enjoy the miniatures and their camouflage!

"Vorwärts" - "Move up!"