Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Graeco Baktrian FoG Army is getting started

Hey There!
A new Army is getting started - as if I hadn't have to many projects, I bougt a Greaco Baktrian FoG Army at the "Komicon" in Koblenz two weeks ago. Because of the enormius mass of miniatures, it wasn't the goal to paint an excellent army, it shall only look nice standing on the battlefield. Thats why there was so much painted in these two weeks. Above you may see a part of the Indian part of that army, these spearman are going to give rear support for my 3 units of pikes. Below, you can see the cretan achers wich, supperior as they are, are going to go on my opponents nerves. All miniatures are produced by museum miniatures, and unluckily they all have only one pose. So keep on watching my blog cause there is much more stuff waiting to be seen !

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