Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Feudal french WIP +4

 After a long period of break, the Feudal French Project is now getting started again.
I just finished up 4 bases Crossbowman and 8 Bases Saracen Archers, because I'm going to use the medieval Infantry and Knights for a Later Sicilian Army as well. Enjoi!


  1. Great ! Good job ! Be carreful ! Your king is Baudouin of Jérusalem (He had mask because he was leper)

  2. Thanks. I knew that the king was a Crusader but I didn't know whyhe beared this mask. All the medieval miniatures are going to be used for different armys if they are finished once. That's the great things in medieval armys - if you once painted a stack of miniatures you may play a load of armys with them.
    Cheers Sebastian