Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sparta is to be continued

Thessalian Light horse

As you may see my Sparta project is still going on, although I have got a lot of painting services to do, which are going to become showed in here as well.
So last week I finished the Thessalian Light horse allies, and the Spartan helots as well as the first Spartan Commander. The next unit of spartan infantry is in progress. So stay tuned and tell me in the comments, if you like them.

Spartan Commander


  1. Cool stuff! I like ancients... If you build a camp, make it circular. (that's what Xenophon said about Spartan camps)

    1. my camp is already started, it is going to show a scene of the ( verry historic ;) ) film "300", namely the battle on the cliffs of the Thermophyles.
      Greetings, Sebastian