Friday, January 4, 2013

New Blog !!

As all those who often read my Blog my have noticed, there is a new Sub-Page on this Blog named Field of Glory.
This page is going to take you on our official Field of Glory Team page, where you might find all the latest information upon our team named the "Warmongos" as well as sufficient links and dates for Tournaments as well.
 But pay attention: because out team is from Germany, the whole side is written in German. I hope that for those who don't speak German the translation service of Google will do. I hope that all those who follow this Blog will do so with our new one as well.
So enjoy this new web page filled up with battle reports, tactic hints and so on !

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

British Napoleonic Cavalry

So as I promised in my last Post I am going to show the British Cavalry now.
Unluckily all the Bases have nor been dried yet - I hope you enjoy them:

Happy new Year

Dear readers as the new year got already started I wanted to start with some eye candy to wish you a happy new year.
These  British miniatures for the Napoleonic wars are a painting job of mine, I hope you'll enjoy them.
There is going to be more Napoleonic British stuff for example British Cavalry ( Hussars,Scots Greys, Dragoons and the royal Dragoons the "Blues") to come.

Have a great new year, may all your good intents become true !

The British Line Infantry advancing

close up on a British Gun

British Line Infantry

British 12pdrs.