Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[Tutrorial] Macedonian Phalanx Part 2

So let's continue with Step number

7. Which is the highlight of the leather armour, made with Vallejo MC 70.951 White. I used a mix of accurate painting and drybrush as my coulour dries quite fast.

8. Now highlighting the red with Vallejo 70.957 Flat Red and the gold/brass with the original Old Gold.

9. After that, we get started with the flesh - I am using as middle tone the Andrea Colour AC-52, which I like espacially for ist verry dull result.

10. The second flesh I am using is Foundrys 127C from the expert flesh set. 

11. So what is there still to do? Painting the back of the shields in Vallejo 70.872 Choclate Brown and highlighting the green - to do this I mix the green basecoat, Vallejo MC 70.980 Black Green with approx. 1/4 of Vallejo GC 72.034 Bonewhite. This creates a nice and warm lighter green.

12. Last, but not least the decals are set to place. THose are supplied by Little Big Men Studios. To give them a proper fit I cut once untill nearly the middle of the decal - by this way the better match the slightly parabole sheilds.

To keep them im place a layer of Vallejo 70.520 Matt Varnish is applied, too.

13. And to make the result complete, I paint the white on the shields - not highlighting the red. This gives the shields a more "freehand" appearance.

Voilà! Now only the basing and their pike has to be done - I think that's going to happen tomorrow.

[Tutorial] Painting Phalanx Part1

As I've been asked recently how I am painting my miniatures, I decided not to deny you the insight to my famous painting skills. Thus I'll provide some tutorials on different miniatures, showing some of the technique I am using as well as providing you with the intel which colours I am using.
What is really important in painting miniatures: use the best materials avaliable - your work gets much easier with this method. Everybody who has ever tried drilling a hole into a wall using a cheap electrical drill might know what I am talking about ;) Buying cheap always means buying twice.

So let's get started with some of Xystons Phalanglites:

1. After priming them white I start with a black wash for the leather armour, which is supposed to be white - using black wash gives me the opportunity only to highlight the armour white afterwards, saving a lot of time compared to a "classical" 3 steps highlight approach.

For the wash I used the Vallejo wash "lavado negro"

2.  While the wash dries, I prime all the golden/brass metal to come in Vallejo MC 70.878 Old Gold

3.  Afterwards, it's time to do the green tunics - I use Vallejo MC 70.980 Black Green. Take your time doing a tidy job where the green tuches the armour - everything else is optional, as there are other colours to come to hide little mistakes you make here.

4. Then I add red for the helemts and swords, and leather for the belts which connect shield and sword with the bearer. Colours used are Vallejo MC 70.814 Burnt Red and MC 70.984 Flat Brown. When painting the leather, take care to do a tidy work - you dont want the brown on the leather armour.

5.  Now to my "secret" method of giving the gold a nice brass appearance: I use Vallejo MC 70939 Smoke, which I water down a little as an Ink for the golden metal parts.

6. And to end the first part of this tutorial,the flesh is painted in Vallejo GC 72.043 Beasty Brown. Here you are able to cover those little mistakes you might have done while applying the green basecoat.

So this is the final result of the first step -  I applied all the basecoats, so I may continue with the highlights, which will be described in the next part.

Monday, March 13, 2017


These are some Miniatures I already painted last year, and played them at the german new-year turnament in Field of Glory. Turned out that despite beeing ferocious warriors, these warbands weren't as usefull I hoped they'd be, leaving me finishing 12 out of 13 players....
I still like the miniatures, the fist unit is supplied by Corvus Belli, the other ones manufacturer is unknown to me - maybe one of you knows. Hope you'll like 'em.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Macedonian Phalanx - basing done

Thus the finals for this semester are comming close, I was still able to do some basing as a compensation for all the learning I did.

So this is the basing for the pike I already showed. I really think it really improves the look.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Mid Republican Romans

I bought these miniatures, supplied by donnington, on a bring and buy years ago - they were in a suspiscious blister saying "Romans, 2,5€". Good that I bought them, this was one of the best deals I ever made, after I came to know there was a full roman legion fitted for Field of Glory in there! I painted them last year alrerady, but didn't find enought time to make the basing. As this is done now, here they are!

And there is another benefit: I may use them for my seleucids as well.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Macedonian Army 2

These are some Thureophoroi or Thorakitai I originally painted for my late republican roman army, but thanks to my basing I'll be able to use them for my upcomming Macedonian/Seleucid/Successor Armys as well. Decals are once again by Little Big Me´n Studios. I'll try to picturise all the miniatures I finished the last year but didn't put on the blog yet in the upcomming days.

PS: as I used them in various tournaments already, some of them lost their spear. Seems I'll have to start a repeairing action soon. :/

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Macedonian Army

After finishing my medieaval army (or more correctly the units I still had), I decidet to start a new project, which is an Macedonian Army for Field of Glory. The miniatures are supplied by Xyston, and a friend of mine resculpted some heads, giving them more variety. Decals were supplied by Stephens Little Big Men, a supplier I can highly recommend.

Untill today, I had to borrough my miniatures when it came to play an army with a descend number of pikes in it. After finishing this project, these days will belong to the past. I hope you like these. If you have any ideas for another project or recommendations concerning this one, leave me a comment in the section below. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

15mm Saracen Lancers

Today I tried finishing the basing of a unit of Saracen Lancers as I recognized I am out of gras - got to go to a store tomorrow...

That's the reason these are still rated work in progress. Hope you enjoy them though.